12 Reasons to invest in digital marketing for your business

12 Reasons to invest in digital marketing for your business
16.01.18 Admin 276 Views

One of the most common problem we hear from our clients is that it’s hard to see (or analyse) the value of digital marketing strategy. It uses up a lot of time and resources, and significant budget if you’re a small business testing your first ad campaigns. Isn’t having a user-friendly website with your story and offerings enough? Do you really need to invest in digital marketing?

We’ll give you 12 great reasons why you need to invest in digital marketing.

1. Improve the position in search results pages:-

SEO is point earning process for different ranking factors – which tell search engines how to gain top position among thousands of other sites on the same topic. SEO also encourages regular crawling and re-indexing of your website. There is a second chance to be on top on search result pages.

2. Increased traffic on website:-

You can only examine your traffic rate when your website show at better position on the search engine page . More audience engagement , more traffic occurs.

3. Better user experience:-

Technical SEO involves regularly conducting website SEO audits, analyzing the results and implementing fixes. This includes site security and speed which contribute to a stronger experience for each visitor to your site.

Search engines factor in data on your site’s user experience which directly affects your position and then your traffic. It’s all related internally.

4. Keyword optimization:-

Content helps you in improving your position in search results for specific terms and phrases. Creating content around your keywords helps with all those on-page SEO points . It brings your target audience directly to your website .

5. Link building process:-

One ranking factor that is constant since the dawn of SEO is backlinks. Earning links to your website, especially links from high-quality sites, is one of the best ways to improve your position.

6. Lead generation

You need to give people a perfect and remarkable reason to share their private details. A powerful infographic, video tutorial, or eBook is the great way to get that new contact.

7. Connect your business with other marketing channels

You can write a blog post, then do a video about the same topic. Blog posts and case studies gives you a reason to share on your social channels. That content can help you run an email marketing campaign. And all those marketing channels, in turn, drive traffic back to your site.

8. Promotions

This might be obvious, but it can’t be overlooked , social media is way up there it comes to amplifying a sale or promotion. Share your big sale offer or discount coupon code on social site ,use a trackable code in your post or bio link, and you can easily measure exactly how many people visit your website and redeem the code for purchase.

9. Brand Knowledge:-

People who find your social profiles through followed hashtags, discovery features, or friend’s posts and share might not come by their own – but now they know your name after visiting. And when they need your product or service, you’ll be familiar to them now. – plus you’ll have the nod of approval from any peers who follow you or shared your content.

10. Social search effect:-

Your company’s social profile might be the first place a customer finds you, and can make or break that conversion. Having an active and on-brand digitally presence where your customers seek you out impacts their perception of your company, and drives traffic to your website.

11. Reviews from customer:-

When it comes to local SEO , reviews are huge . Reviews are known to be among google’s 500+ ranking factors and are displayed in the search results .

12. Customer engagement

Being able to directly interact with your customers is a crucial part of making sales .

  1. You can observe who your customers are and why they are on your social profiles
  2. You can earn positive comments and re-share them as social posts.
  3. You can address negative feedback before those comments become SEO-impacting reviews
  4. You can gain insights and know what you can do better, then improve your product for better sales.